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Should I have my dentist whiten my teeth or do it myself?

Though a dentist is more expensive, having them whiten your teeth is quicker, longer-lasting, and more effective. Cheaper, at-home remedies take several weeks, aren’t as potent, and are more likely to cause gum irritation.

Do teeth whitening procedures work on brown or gray teeth?

Teeth whitening treatments work best on yellow teeth. Brown teeth don’t whiten well and gray teeth usually don’t whiten at all.

Do teeth whitening procedures hurt?

Sometimes, at-home whitening remedies can cause tooth sensitivity or irritate the gums. However, taking a break from whitening procedures or doing them for a shorter length of time can help your mouth adjust to the process.

Can teeth whitening damage my teeth?

There is no evidence that teeth whitening treatments damage tooth enamel or dental restorations.

I have fillings in the front of my teeth, can I still whiten them?

Teeth whitening options do not affect the color of fillings. If you have fillings or bondings in the front of your teeth, you might want to consider getting veneers or crowns as a whitening alternative.

Is whitening permanent?

No, you will need to periodically touch up your teeth.

What teeth whitening treatments are available?

  • Chairside Bleaching: This is the one-trip option completed by your dentist with the use of a bleaching agent (containing peroxide) and a laser or special light.
  • Whitening Gels/Strips: These peroxide gels or strips can be bought at the store and are applied to your teeth for several weeks.
  • Whitening Toothpaste: This option has abrasives that polish your teeth and chemicals that dissolve surface stains.
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