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Most Americans want to take care of their teeth, but one study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention demonstrated that almost 33% of adults do not floss at all, while another 37% don’t floss daily. Remember that you can always ask for more information when your OKC dentist reminds you to floss, as understanding why flossing is so important to your dental health goes a long way in building the habit.

Why Floss?

Flossing prevents buildup of plaque and reduces the risk of tooth loss. That little piece of string is quite efficient at getting small particles of food from between your teeth that your brush doesn’t reach. Instead of dealing with plaque turning into tartar, which is hard to remove from your teeth, your OKC dentist will absolutely appreciate at your efforts.

Prevent Gum Disease

Dr. Tim Brooks and his Oklahoma City dental team want to help you take care of your beautiful smile. Make flossing part of your daily oral care, along with brushing.

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