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If your smile has been slipping lately, it may be the cause of improper care. Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, can happen if your teeth or gums are not getting the proper treatment. If your flossing is lax, or if you are not brushing as much as you should, harmful residue and bacteria could be left behind to form plaque. When plaque is left unchecked, gum disease can occur. It’s important to fight back against gum disease as soon as possible.

Leave gum disease behind and find your healthy smile today. Here are some reminders to help you:

Question: What are some of the symptoms of gum disease?

Answer: You should look for: swollen gums that bleed easily, severe bad breath that is hard to remove, teeth that are sensitive or loose, gums that are pulling back from the teeth, and any conditions that make chewing painful or difficult.

Question: What are some of the risk factors for developing gum disease?

Answer: Risk factors include: smoking or chewing tobacco, hormonal changes typically seen in women and young girls, diabetes, any medications or foods that can cause dry mouth, genetics, and a poor diet.

Question: What are some options to prevent gum disease?

Answer: It is important to brush twice daily. You should also floss daily with dental floss or a dentist-approved flossing device. Also, make sure to attend your regularly scheduled oral exams and visit your dentist for regular professional cleanings.

Our team at Dr. Tim J Brooks, DDS is here to help you with all your oral health care needs. If you would like an oral exam from Dr. Tim J. Brooks, we can be reached via phone at 405-752-0600, or you can set up an appointment at our office in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We look forward to seeing you smile bright this holiday season.

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