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One of the last things that most of us want to worry about is whether our teeth are losing their shine. Fortunately, a professional tooth whitening treatment from Dr. Brooks has the ability to reverse staining and restore the youthful shine of your smile.

Safe and Effective
Dr. Tim Brooks and our Oklahoma City dental team believe in providing effective and safe dental treatments for their patients, and our customized whitening treatments deliver amazing results. You can have this procedure performed in our office, or opt for a customized at-home kit.

OTC Treatments vs Professional Tooth Whitening
OTC treatments use generic tooth molds, which results in uneven application of the whitening gel. As a result, Dr. Tim Brooks knows it’s not uncommon for some people to experience irritation after using an OTC treatment. A professional customized at-home treatment will allow you to use your custom trays from home, on your own schedule. Plus, professional tooth whitening can be combined with other dental methods like veneers.

Say hello to an impressive smile via a professional tooth whitening! It’s safe, cost-effective, and delivers impressive results. Call for your consultation with Dr. Brooks today.

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