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Taking care of your teeth and gums can do more than just give you a glowing smile. It can actually add to your overall health and well being. The human body has many microbes that are both good and bad, but the bad ones only have power if certain unfavorable conditions are present. Those conditions many times can start in the mouth, the place within our body that has the most contact with the outside world. Recent research shows that this is one of the many reasons why it’s in your best interest to practice good oral hygiene and see your Oklahoma City dentist twice a year. 

The Problem with Poor Oral Health…

Poor oral health puts us at risk for many oral health issues, but also causes problems with our overall health. Our mouths are filled with bacteria that can do a lot of harm when were not properly caring for our teeth and gums. Simply brushing our teeth can eliminate a lot of bad bacteria creating a healthy environment for our teeth and gums. However, simply visting Dr. Brooks and his team also acts as a preventative measure when it comes to diminishing the chances of developing pneumonia. Recent research shows that 86 percent of pneumonia cases develop in people that don’t visit their dentist regularly.

Dr. Brooks wants to help you keep your well-being, and regular dental check ups are one important way of doing that. Take a step in the right direction and practice good oral health and see your OKC dentist regularly.

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