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When a yeast infection occurs in your mouth, says Dr. Tim Brooks, your OKC dentist, it can cause oral thrush to develop. Identified by its characteristic white lesions, which form on the roof of the mouth or at the back of the mouth, oral thrush can also cause difficulty swallowing and a woolly sensation in the mouth.

Why does oral thrush occur?

Oral thrush can occur alongside a suppressed immune system, allowing infections to occur around the body, including in the mouth. In the same way that some women experience vaginal yeast infections, some patients can develop an excessive growth of yeast in the mouth, which then triggers oral thrush.

Many conditions can suppress someone’s immune system, says your Oklahoma City dental team.  Patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments as well as patients who have AIDS will also have a suppressed immune system that has a harder time preventing infections in the body. Oral thrush also occurs when the natural balance of yeast in the mouth is disturbed. Asthma patients may experience this in conjunction with their inhaled medicine, which usually contains steroids. Rinsing the mouth out after inhaling reduces the potential for developing oral thrush.

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