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Who can resist the sweet deliciousness of dessert?  Unfortunately, the sugar in sweet drinks and foods can do a number on our teeth over time. Believe it or not, the damage to our teeth doesn’t end with sugar. There are other ingredients found in foods and drinks that can spell trouble for our teeth as well. Dr. Tim Brooks and his  Oklahoma City dental team is committed to helping patients properly care for their teeth and are here to tell you why.

The Ugly Truth About Sugar

Most of us know that sugary foods aren’t particularly good for our teeth. However, most of us don’t fully understand why. Sugar mixes with the plaque on our teeth creating an acidic environment. The acids erode tooth enamel over time. The high concentration of acid is also responsible for the development of cavities. As a result, many patients look for the sugar-free label as a way of avoiding the assault that sugar has on tooth enamel. However, even sugar-free alternatives aren’t necessarily good for our teeth.

What Else Should You be Concerned About?

Some may be surprised to find that the acids found in many sugar-free alternatives also have the ability to slowly erode tooth enamel. Your Oklahoma City dental team recommends whole foods for snacks and to rinse your mouth or brush after every meal to promote a more secure environment for your teeth. Last but not least, make sure to give your Oklahoma City dental team a call today to touch up early signs of erosion and help you put your best dental got forward.

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