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Pregnancy brings about unique changes in the human body. Hormonally, the body is in a constant state of transition, meaning that blood flow is elevated. Although all these changes are normal, they can often impact other areas of a woman’s health, including your oral health. It’s not uncommon for a woman to develop pregnancy gingivitis as a result of all these different changes. Dr. Tim Brooks of the Oklahoma City dental team is very familiar with the impact that pregnancy can have on the teeth and gums. As a result, he and his team are committed to elevating education, increasing dental health, and providing relief for pregnant patients.

Signs, Symptoms, and Solutions

Fortunately, the signs of pregnancy gingivitis are easy to spot. Swollen bleeding gums, loose teeth, and pain are some of the obvious symptoms that a person might experience. Certain disorders like diabetes, and lifestyle choices like smoking, have the ability to intensify the symptoms of pregnancy gingivitis.

So what can you do? Dr. Brooks encourages keeping up basic dental hygiene like brushing and flossing, in addition to supplementing with vitamin A and calcium. Supplements promote strong teeth, and this is essential when it comes to offsetting pregnancy gingivitis. In addition, painful gums can be alleviated by gargling with warm sea salt water. This step disinfects the gums and can help provide soothing relief. However, there are situations when at home measures fail to provide relief or improve this disorder. In situations like these, an antibiotic or prescription mouthwash may be required. In this case, don’t be shy, and stop by! Dr. Tim Brooks is an OKC dentist that takes pride in helping his patients achieve optimal oral health, and he and his team are here to help you.

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